Mouth Watchers - Toothbrush - Powered Blue - antibacterial electric toothbrush

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Mouth Watchers - Toothbrush - Powered Blue - antibacterial electric toothbrush
  • Bacteria On A Toothbrush Multiplies At An Alarming Rate, Doubling Every 20 Minutes; Between Uses Your Toothbrush Can Grow Up To 100 Million Micro Organisms
  • Doctor Plotkas Proprietary Silver Bristle Technology Naturally Eliminates 99.9 % Of Bacteria In 6 Hours; Bacteria Simply Cannot Survive On This Toothbrush For Traveling
  • Using this antibacterial electric toothbrush is like using a sterile toothbrush every single time you brush; Once you try this power toothbrush, you will never switch back
  • Scientifically Designed Two-Tiered Revolutionary Flossing Bristles measure just 1 micrometer at the tip; Long Soft Bristles operate at 5,000 oscillations per minute to remove plaque in areas that a standard toothbrush cannot reach
  • This High Quality powered toothbrush is constructed with an ergonomic comfort grip handle; Single Blue Electronic Toothbrush

You can count on the toothbrush that was invented by a dentist with 45+ years of experience, Doctor Plotka. The silver embedded in his toothbrush naturally eliminates 99% of the bacteria build up on the bristles within 6 hours.

It’s like using a sterile toothbrush every single time you brush. Bacteria simply cannot survive on these toothbrushes. But that’s not all.

The Patent Pending Bristles are 10X thinner than bristles on ordinary toothbrushes, and measure 1 micrometer (1/100th the diameter of human hair) at the tip. This means they can remove plaque in areas that a standard toothbrush cannot reach.

Dedicated to making life healthier, our unique dental hygiene products combine superior quality and the very latest technology. Dr. Plotka's was the only toothbrush featured in the "Best Products Evaluated During 2012" by the Clinicians Report (the Consumer Reports for dentists).


Our brush runs slower than your typical power brush, and low rpm’s have been proven to be better than faster ones for multiple reasons: not only they are not abrasive on the teeth enamel, but they also avoid gum damages, that can lead to gum recession.


So you can do a better job working on each of those back-molar one at a time, and also friendly for kidos! Extremely efficient on your lower-lingual as well, going with a back-and-forth motion.


This way you new brush will last forever, just replace the batteries when needed. In addition, it's very easy to travel with!

You'll Love this Power Toothbrush with Ergonomic Comfort Grip

The 3D Action bristles are soft yet firm, moving up and down and in circles to break up plague.

Gently Oscillating Bristles are Great for People with Sensitive Gums

Also great for those with crowns, and bridge work. You'll love how clean and fresh your mouth feels every time you brush.

Your New Favorite Toothbrush!

You’ll Enjoy this Doctor Plotka's Antimicrobial Floss Bristle Silver Electric Power Toothbrush with comfort grip in blue. Buy one for each member of the family, also available in green.


Mouth watchers - toothbrush - powered blue - case of 5 - 1 count
country of origin : united states
size : ct
pack of : 5
selling unit : case