Paramedical Kamaflage - The Ultimate Concealer Makeup

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Escential Beauty Paramedical Kamaflage

This is the ultimate corrector/ concealer makeup


Do you have freckles, bruises, burn scars,  birthmarks, age spots, rosacea, or varicose veins? Then you have found your solution and you will be looking great!

Our Escential Beauty Paramedical Kamaflage will hide any and all skin imperfections to give you the beautiful and natural look you desire.

 Apply this creamy concealer makeup to clean dry skin before you use your foundation.

Escential Beauty Paramedical Camaflage will completely cover scarring, freckles, bruises, burn scars, birthmarks, age spots, rosacea, and varicose veins! Our heavy-duty kamaflage creme concealer makeup works to cover every skin flaw.

Concealer Makeup 10 gram jar $17.50 to have a beautiful natural looking complexion.


The Colors are:

Pink Based Colors                   Neutral Colors                            Yellow Based Colors 
 (Light to Dark)                      (Light to Dark)                               (Light to Dark)
 1. Nude Creme                      1. Natural Beige Medium                1. Lite Ivory Beige
 2. Soft Pecan                        2. Natural Beige                            2. Medium Olive Beige
                                            3. Natural Creme                           3. Lite China Doll
                                            4. Lite Olive Beige                          4. Caramel Creme
                                                                                               5. Dark Creme