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Dremu Oil Serum 2 oz. Triple Refined Emu Oil

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Dremu Oil Serum 2 oz. The Only Triple Refined Emu Oil - Beware of Imitations

The ultimate anti-aging wonder serum
Dremu Oil Serum
"Better than Botox"
Reduces wrinkles, evens skin tone, moisturizes entire face with 3-4 drops; use am & pm. Dremu Oil Serum penetrates all 7 layers, is never oily. Promotes new collagen; reduces fine lines and wrinkles on face, eyes, neck, chest, and hands. Helps sun and scar damage, discolorations, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis. 100% pure natural, hypoallergenic, non-clogging.

Factory Sealed Bottle. Dremu Oil Serum is the only Triple Emu Oil in the world.  Dremu Oil Serum exceeds the American Emu Association “Fully Refined” standards using a third refining process called Molecular Distillation. Tests have shown that “Fully Refined” emu oil may still have as much as 10% impurities, so we insist on that third step. Molecular distillation is an expensive additional process that yields a very clean oil free of impurities, bacteria, toxins and heavy metals. This is extremely important. Whatever you ingest passes through the liver. Your liver functions to detoxify and neutralize harmful ingredients. However emu oil is absorbed through your skin and doesn’t pass through the liver so you want the highest purity level. This distillation is what makes our emu oil Triple-Refined - nothing less would be acceptable by Dremu standards. Dremu Oil Serum exceeds the standards of the American Emu Association and the American Oil Chemists Society, producing the highest quality emu oil in the world: Dremu Oil.