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Dremu 4 piece Super Anti-Aging Bundle with Dremu Oil Serum

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Dremu 4 piece Super Anti-Aging Bundle with Dremu Oil Serum. It's the wrinkle-cheating power of Deception, (3 month supply) the anti-aging and eye-refining of Airbrush (3 month supply) and the miracle skin care cure-all of Dremu Oil  ( 1 oz size)  PLUS  Bingo Lip Serum -- the four top-selling Dremu products -- in one bundled package for one amazing low price!

This has never been offered to Dremu customers before and now you have a chance to take advantage of this very limited time discount!

Vogue : "Beauty Phenomenon! Emu oil is a powerful moisturizer that penetrates deep into the skin. Studies done at Boston University have shown that emu oil may actually stimulate skin cell re generation and help reduce wrinkles and sagging."

Dremu Oil Serum

The flagship product of our skin care line and the reason we got into the skin care business. It's not just a great all-natural skin care ingredient - it remains your best choice for treating stubborn skin conditions like dry skin, redness, irritation, flaking, swelling, burns, rashes and more... while being your long-term answer to improving the health and beauty of your skin for things like wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, age spots and more. We realize how corny it must sound to call Dremu Oil a miracle - but what else can you say about a product that does so much and has thousands of customers writing in every year to tell us about their successes? If you're a returning Dremu customer, chances are, you know already.


 Is cheating -- it takes barely a pea-sized amount of cream less than a minute to create an optical illusion that makes wrinkles seem to simply disappear! The secret is the tiny "nanoprisms" which uses refracted light to eliminate the visible shadow created by a wrinkle. No shadow? No wrinkle! A great concealer for the wrinkles you have today, while Dremu Oil and Airbrush work on eliminating those wrinkles permanently.


Dremu's best-kept secret -- a product rated 5-stars on the iVillage supersite and loved by celebrities, magazines and customers alike! Airbrush eliminates those frustrating puffy eyes in just seven minutes while our famous ingredients (specially formulated for the skin around the eyes) go to work on "crow's feet" and other lines and wrinkles. Eyes can betray our age (real or otherwise) -- don't let them!

BINGO is the world's ONLY special emu oil serum treatment for the lips & eyes...........

Bingo is a unique clarified, further refined version of Dremu Oil Serum and was created especially for your lips & eyes!  With a different applicator. Instead of an eye dropper, Bingo uses a roll on applicator. This makes Bingo a must “on the go” take along for immediate and easy spot applications such as dry lips, bug bites, pimples, sun burn, scratches, abrasions or any small area.