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Janson Beckett 10% Hyaluronic Acid Anti-Aging Concentrate 1 oz

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100% Pure HA Extract.
New 10% Hyaluronic Acid 1oz Anti-Aging Concentrate.
H2O Infused Hydration Serum.
Rehydrate and Plump the skin, leaving a Younger, Healthier, Wrinkle Free Complexion.

Janson Beckett Inc. introduces its new 10% Hyaluronic Acid Anti-Aging Concentrate.
 H2O Infused Hydration Serum. Recently Hylauronic Acid has been big news in the Anti Aging Skin Care industry, something that we have been using in our Skin Care Line for the past ten years. Our Peptide Facial Skin Prep has been a big seller in our line and has Hylauronic Acid (HA) at a high percentage. Now Janson Beckett has taken the HA and used it at its optimum percentage in a stand alone 10% HA Anti Aging concentrate. A single gram of HA will hold 1000 ml of water. 


  •  When the skin ages it loses its moisture which leads to a loss in elasticity and inevitably leads to signs of aging or “older looking skin”. HA has the ability to judge the moisture absorption rate based on the humidity and adjust accordingly drawing the very moisture it needs from the environment. HA is able to penetrate the skins upper layer to allow the skin to absorb its benefits.
  • When applied; HA will infuse moisture directly into the skin, plumping the skin and revealing a younger, healthier, wrinkle free complexion. When used alone HA will draw moisture internally and externally aiding in the skins ability to fight dryness, one of the major causes of older looking skin. Dehydration allows the skin to lose not only its plump full dewy appearance but it allows the fine lines and wrinkles to be more pronounced. Once the HA Serum begins drawing in the moisture the entire aging process begins to slow and the skin is able to repair itself. To enhance the added moisture drinking plenty of water throughout the day is recommended. 
  • The end results are cumulative dermal benefits just like all of our other formulations. We at Janson Beckett Inc. strive to formulate products that will not only give the skin a younger appearance but allow the skin to become healthier at the same time. Thus our formulas are not like most other products on the market that provide a band aid effect. The longer the use of our line the healthier the skin becomes. So at the end of the day you can feel good knowing that you are not only looking better but actually making your skin healthier. 
    • Janson Beckett recommends using the Peptide Facial Skin Prep (PFSP) w/ HA prior to the HA Concentrate. The use of the PFSP will accelerate and enhance the benefits of the HA concentrate. Once the HA Concentrate is applied use of the AlphaDerma CE is also recommended. Although the HA concentrate can be used alone, use in conjunction with these other items is considered a full Anti Aging Treatment.