Natrabio Flu Relief Nasal Spray  - 1 Each - .8 Oz -

Natrabio Flu Relief Nasal Spray - 1 Each - .8 Oz

  • $13.00

Natrabio flu relief nasal spray may provide temporary relief from flu symptoms, including body aches, congestion and sore throat. The spray contains influenzinum and other homeopathic ingredients that work to relieve these symptoms, although it is not intended to replace flu vaccinations. Alleviate fever and other symptoms quickly by placing the nozzle inside your nostrils to deliver each metered dose directly to your nasal membranes. Each spray bottle contains 0.8 fl. Oz.
country of origin : united states
size : .8 oz
pack of : 1
selling unit : each
ingredients : drug facts active influenzinum 12x;30x purpose*† flu symptoms adrenalinum 6x purpose*† decongestant aconitum napellus 6x purpose*† flu symptoms paptisia tinctoria 6x purpose*† flu symptoms eupatorium perfoliatum 6x purpose*† flu symptoms euphrasia officinalis 6x purpose*† sinus symptoms euphorbium officinarum 6x purpose*† decongestant gelsemium sempervirens 6x purpose*† body aches sticta pulmonaria 6x purpose*† decongestant rhus toxicodendron 12x purpose*† body aches;inactive benzylkonium chlo
keywords : ache;cold;congestion;fever;medicine;runny;sore;throat